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7. Dezember 2021 bis 9. Dezember 2021

The FORCE11 annual conference is a different kind of meeting, where stakeholders come together – or scrummage – for an open discussion, on an even playing field, to talk about changing the ways scholarly and scientific information is communicated, shared and used. Researchers, publishers, librarians, computer scientists, informaticians, funders, educators, citizens, and others attend the FORCE11 meeting with a view to supporting the realization of promising new ideas and identifying new potential collaborators.



1. Dezember 2021 bis 2. Dezember 2021

Die #vBIB21 bietet ein offenes, community-übergreifendes Informations- und Diskursangebot mit Keynotes und Beiträgen von Expert:innen. Interaktive Elemente wie die Speakers Corner und Tech Corner ergänzen das Programm und laden zu Austausch und Vernetzung ein.


EU Open Data Days - Shaping our future with open data

23. November 2021 bis 25. November 2021

Online from Luxembourg to the world: The Publications Office of the European Union is organising the first EU Open Data Days

Data is a key asset for digital transformation. It is a building material for research and innovation, personalised products and services, powerful new technologies and better decision-making. These translate into solutions to societal challenges that can improve and even save people’s lives, as the current pandemic demonstrates. Open data is also freely available to generate value through reuse.

This unique online event will serve as a knowledge hub, bringing the benefits of open data and its reuse to the EU public sector, and through it to people and businesses. Get inspired and discover the latest trends and most innovative solutions. Register now!


Campus Innovation 2021

18. November 2021 bis 19. November 2021

Souveränität, Aktivierung und Offenheit - Chancen und Challenges der Digitalisierung für Hochschulen


The Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing

15. November 2021 bis 18. November 2021

The Munin Conference is an annual conference on scholarly publishing and communication, primarily revolving around open access, open data and open science. The next conference (2021) will be the sixteenth Munin Conference and it will be held online November 15-18.


Electronic Theses and Dissertations, ETD 2021

15. November 2021 bis 17. November 2021

Open Scholarship in a Post-Pandemic World

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). We support electronic publishing and open access to scholarship in order to enhance the sharing of knowledge worldwide.