Focus Group on Open Access Books

The implementation of Open Access in the field of book publications has gained momentum in recent years. Some universities and scientific institutions have already established support measures for Open Access books. There are a number of topics where a dialogue at the interface between the publishing world and the needs of libraries and researchers can be deepened. Cooperation with publishers is particularly important in the humanities and social sciences.

The focus group "Open Access Books" builds on the existing network of people in Berlin who are involved in the field of Open Access and who work at university libraries as well as for small and medium-sized publishers. The group continues the exchange started at the end of 2019 in the context of the 2nd Berlin Round Table. The focus will be on topics such as publishing agreements and their conformity with OA principles (open licensing, granting of rights of use, etc.).

The topic around OA books also moves other networks, so the focus group is open to other people who are willing to participate. The exchange with other initiatives such as ENABLE! Community, Allianz-AG Scientific Publication System is being taken into consideration.

The group's first meeting took place on 3 November 2020. The meeting's documentation is available in the group's internal MediaWiki (German only).

For questions about the focus group, please contact: Maike Neufend (maike.neufend(at), Elena Di Rosa (dirosa(at) or oabb(at)

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