Open Access Networking Offices

Network offices bring together regional actors, provide a platform for the exchange of information on open access at the state level, and make open access-related activities in the state transparent. The offices act as multipliers, translate science and higher education policy strategies into concrete measures, and communicate requirements and needs from the state's institutions. In addition, they are involved in the process of developing a state's open access/open science strategy. Since 2021, regular network meetings have been held between the networking offices, the Open Access - Infopoint Schleswig-Holstein, the Brandenburg Networking and Competence Office and the Open Access Office Berlin.

Open-Access-Büro Berlin

The Open-Access-Büro Berlin (OABB) was established as a as a implementation of the open access strategy in Berlin adopted in 2015 and is located at the university library of Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2016, the first networking office on open access in Germany has been organizing various regional working groups, which have established themselves over the years as a good practice of networking and cooperation. The open access Office also supports the "Berlin open access Strategy" working group, in which representatives from Berlin's scientific and cultural institutions participate. The core tasks of the Berlin networking office are to support Berlin institutions in implementing the open access strategy, networking, consulting, research and monitoring, and further development in the direction of open research.

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Contact: oabb(at)

Open Access Network and Competence Center Brandenburg

The Brandenburg Open Access Network and Competence Center supports the implementation of the measures formulated in Brandenburg's Open Access strategy. It is funded by the state's Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) and is based at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Currently, the networking and competence center focuses on Brandenburg's colleges and universities and their activities for the design of free, digital access to scientific publications. In addition, it advises and networks various actors and makes open access activities in the state of Brandenburg more visible. 

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Contact: vuk(at)

The state initiative networks and advises stakeholders from NRW universities in the open access. In addition, infrastructures for open access publications are being established and a state-wide monitoring of publication volumes and costs is being introduced. is intended to serve as a hub for discourse and enable state-wide positioning on the topic of open access.

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Contact: info(at)

Open-Access-lnfopoint Schleswig-Holstein

The Open-Access-lnfopoint Schleswig-Holstein bundles news about initiatives, events, news and developments around the topic of open Access and open Science - mostly with a Schleswig-Holstein focus. In addition to this NewsBlog and more comprehensive regional project presentations, the website includes information on institutional contact persons in the state as well as condensed, comprehensible and practical initial advisory content on various aspects of scientific publishing in open access. The Infopoint sees itself as an open forum. It invites all regional actors to join in and use the portal to spread the idea of science communication without financial, legal or technical barriers. The Infopoint wants to be a place of exchange and networking in Schleswig-Holstein.

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Contact: OA-Infopoint(at)

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