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In the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein, new coalition agreements were concluded as a result of the state elections. Among other things, both agreements address the issues of Open Access and Open Science and present corresponding plans by the state governments.

Promoting open access to scientific publications

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the coalition agreement between the CDU and Green Party was presented on June 23th. It stipulates that digitalisation is to be promoted in all ministries. This also applies to Open Access and Open Science. The following is an excerpt from chapter 6 "Universities and Science":

"Our universities will remain presence universities and at the same time advance digitalisation in research and teaching. We promote digital teaching and digital learning at universities as well as open science, with free access to scientific publications (Open Access), research data (Open Data) and educational materials (Open Educational Resources) and the use of open source and, if possible, free software (Open Source)." You can access the entire coalition agreement here.

Open Access as a standard for scientific publications

In Schleswig-Holstein, the coalition agreement between the CDU and the Green Party was officially signed on June 28th. In it, the parties commit to the plan to expand Open Access with regard to Open Data and Open Science. Furthermore, the networking of research data management and national research infrastructure is to be given further priority.

The chapter "Digitalisation Offensive Universities" states: "With the Open Access Strategy, we advocate and promote open digital access to the results of scientific research and to the sources of cultural heritage. We continue to work towards establishing Open Access as a standard. In this context, we will focus in particular on an expansion of Open Access with regard to Open Data and Open Science, as well as on networking with research data management and the national research data infrastructure."

You can access the coalition agreement here.

Source on [German only]: NRW und Schleswig-Holstein: Koalitionsverträge heben Bedeutung von Open Science hervor | Nachricht Anzeige | Nachrichten | Forschungsdaten und Forschungsdatenmanagement[W1] 



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