Focus Group on "OA-Arts"

Background and aims

The focus group on OA-Künste is a network with a mailing list moderated since 2019 by Anika Wilde (Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch) and Friederike Kramer (Universität der Künste Berlin). It is open to all artistic institutions and universities. The target group of the network are libraries as a service institution that can promote and help to establish OA structures at various levels.
The aim is to provide a forum for exchange and discussion. At the same time, materials and information are to be shared in order to share and strengthen the Open Access idea in the arts.

Organisational information

You can subscribe for the mailing list here.

If you would like to contribute in depth, you can also apply for a user account for the group's MediaWiki. To make it easier for us to assign you, please indicate that you are interested in working in the focus group "OA-Künste".

The organising team of the focus group includes: Friederike Kramer (Universität der Künste) and Anika Wilde (Hochschule für Schauspielkuns Ernst Busch).
For questions around the topics of the focus group, please contact Friederike Kramer (ub-ab1(at) or Anika Wilde (a.wilde(at), for technical questions please contact Linda Martin (linda.martin(at)