Open Access as an opportunity for climate justice

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The organisers of International Open Access Week have announced this year's theme: Open for Climate Justice. The event series will focus on the positive impact that open access can have in addressing the climate crisis in terms of climate justice. Open Access Week will take place from 24 to 30 October 2022.

Promoting exchange between the climate movement and the open access community

The open sharing of research results can create pathways to a more equitable exchange of knowledge and serve as a means to address the inequities that shape the impacts of climate change and our response to it, according to the official Open Access Week website. This year's theme aims to foster connection and collaboration between the climate movement and the international open access and open science community. "Sharing knowledge is a human right, and addressing the climate crisis requires the rapid exchange of knowledge across geographic, economic and disciplinary boundaries," say the organisers. In addition, the organisers are calling on everyone to organise discussions and actions on the theme of Open for Climate Justice beyond the conference itself, whenever it suits them.

What is International Open Access Week?

Open Access Week is an annual opportunity for the academic and scientific community to learn about the potential benefits of open access and to share what they have learned with colleagues. The event aims to inspire a wider public to make open access a new norm in science and research. International Open Access Week is organised by the non-profit organisation SPARC in collaboration with the Open Access Week Advisory Committee.

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