1. TRIPLE International Conference

  2. EOSC Future Open Days

  3. Open Publishing Fest

  4. Open Access Information Materials

    Collection of the project Presentations and reports from events of the project as well as all materials can also be found here on our Zenodo community page. Ope

  5. Implementing Open Access

    Open Access in 60 seconds Video on Open Access. ( CC BY 3.0 DE ) Source: Brinken, Helene, Jonas Hauss, Jessika Rücknagel (2021). Open Access in 60 seconds,

  6. Editing Open Access Journal

    Academic Publishing: Open Access Gold Source: based on Oberländer, A. (2020). Open Access – Es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänzt. In: Open Science. Von Daten zu Publikationen. Zenodo.