Focus Group on Open Access Helpdesks

Diese Fokusgruppe hat ihre Arbeit Ende Dezember 2023 eingestellt.

Many scientists and scholars still have questions about how to deal with Open Access. Legal uncertainties often arise, but researchers are also unsure about practical issues such as choosing a suitable journal. This is where institutional helpdesks come in. These offer low-threshold advisory services in all matters relating to OA.

The focus group aimed to bring together helpdesk advisors for a collaborative exchange of experiences on the following topics, among others:

  • What forms of helpdesk consulting exist? Which offers are accepted by the researchers and how? Which further offers are necessary?
  • How does helpdesk consulting work well (best practices)? What are the problems and how can they be solved?
  • How can helpdesks support each other?

Diese Fokusgruppe ist eingestellt. Das letzte Treffen fand am Freitag, 15. Dezember 2023 statt. Die Dokumentation der Treffen ist im gruppeninternen MediaWiki verfügbar. Wenn Sie Fragen zur Fokusgruppe haben, senden Sie bitte eine E-Mail-Nachricht an Michael Kleineberg oder Paul Schultze-Motel.

Further Readings

  • Kleineberg, M., Kötter, M., Schmitz, J., Schultze-Motel, P., & Wermbter, K. (2023). Vernetzung zur Open-Access-Beratung: die Fokusgruppe Open-Access-Helpdesks stellt sich vor. Poster, BiblioCon 2023.

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