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In two online journals, our project staff members inform about the project's activities and services - they announce, among other things, the launch date of the open access portal which bears the project's name: September, during the Open Access Days 2021 (online).

Outlook: Portal to be Launched in September 2021

An overview and an outlook on both the project and the development of the eponymous OA portal can be found in - Information, Imparting Skills and Networking  (translation of the German title). In their article, which was published in the library journal b.i.t. online, Dr. Anja Oberländer and Andreas Kirchner (Communication, Information and Media Centre (KIM) at the University of Konstanz) describe the project activities that involve the ongoing developments of turning the existing information platform into a modern portal which is planned to provide networking services and educational content on Open Access. The authors also announce the new platform's changeover date: It will be launched during the Open Access Days 2021 - with a new design, technical updates and adaptations that cater to the users' needs.

Please find the article here (German only):

Report: Networking also Works Online

The library journal o.bib has published a report (German only) in which our authors Maximilian Heber, Andreas Kirchner and Hannah Schneider discuss the Open Access Staff Week. This event, organised by project, took place in the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB) in March 2021. Due to the current pandemic, the event was held in a virtual setting using the online tools and Miro. The online setting led to new questions and challenges for everyone involved. In their report, the authors highlight the key aspects of this digital event and present possible solutions which can be useful when planning and implementing your own online events.

Please find the article here:

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