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Despite all the restrictions that the lockdown brought with it, it did at least hold one highlight for us in April: the first Open Access Barcamp, which was a huge success - even in its digital setting. In this context, we published two ZBW MediaTalk blogposts.

On 22 and 23 April 2021, the first Open Access Barcamp took place in a virtual setting due to the pandemic. It was organised as part of the project by the project members of Team Open Science at the Communication, Information and Media Centre (KIM) of the University of Konstanz.

With our barcamps, we offer interested members of the Open Access community the opportunity to exchange ideas, to network and to learn from each other. Compared to traditional conferences, the barcamp format is more open and does not have a predefined programme. Instead, participants can propose topics or hold sessions themselves and thus exchange ideas on what is relevant for them.

In the first blog post, we provide insights into the sessions' contents.

In the second blog post, we discuss the organisational challenges.

We draw the conclusion: Online barcamps bring challenges with them during the initial stage - but after that, they are not only possible, but successful!

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