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A coalition of the organisations Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS and the French National Research Agency (ANR) is advocating a common pursuit of an equitable, community-oriented and academically driven scientific publishing model. To this end, the alliance has published an Action Plan for Diamond Open Access. Diamond open access (OA) publications do not incur any costs for authors through article processing charges (APC), as they are financed from institutional funds. According to the alliance, the action plan aims to create an inclusive global community with the means to strengthen and increase the visibility of existing diamond OA journals and platforms.

The action plan focuses on four key areas of action: efficiency, quality standards, capacity building and sustainability. For each of these fields of action, the plan identifies concrete measures: For example, efficient synergies should be built between diamond journals and platforms, enabling the sharing of infrastructures, standards, strategies and funding streams, taking into account disciplinary requirements. The action plan also recommends setting quality standards for scholarly publishing and aligning them with the diamond open access publishing system. Measures to increase capacity include the implementation of a tool suite with training materials and guidelines, a targeted communication strategy and the establishment of a non-profit Capacity Centre for Diamond Publishing (CCDP). To ensure the sustainability of a diamond OA ecosystem, the action plan recommends, for example, ensuring that the full range of diamond publishing's operational costs are borne by a network of institutions. In addition, a framework should be established that legally recognises and protects the ownership and governance of diamond OA journal titles and platforms. Read the full Action Plan for Diamond Open Access here:

Currently, a broad and diverse group of over 50 international organisations have already expressed their support for the action plan. A full overview of the supporting organisations can be found here: Organisations that would also like to support the development of the diamond OA ecosystem can do so at



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