1. Open Access Legal Issues in Switzerland

    Numerous legal questions arise in connection with open access policies and the operation of open access repositories and open access journals . On this page, you will find information on the legal fra

  2. Open Access Legal Issues

    Find answers to legal questions here Licences Publishing Agreements Legal Issues in Germany Legal Issues in Austria Legal Issues in Switzerland Data Protection and Open Access Data protection is parti

  3. Open Access Financing

    Learn more about Open Access Financing Research Funders and Open Access Business Models for Journals Business Models for Books

  4. Open Access in Mathematics

    Open Access in 60 Seconds Video about Open Access. ( CC BY 3.0 DE ) Source: Brinken, H., Hauss, J. & Rücknagel, J. (2021). Open Access in 60 seconds,

  5. Open Access to Data

    The research data management cycle ( CC BY 4.0 International ) The key takeaways from this article are 1 Research data and their independent publication are becoming increasingly i

  6. Open Access Policy Frameworks

    Open Research Europe Graphic: Open Research Europe in Action. Source: Open Research Europe (2021). The key takeaways from this article are 1 The main player in the policy area of open

  7. Open Access About us

    Initials of the platform The platform provides comprehensive information on the subject of Open Access (OA) and offers practical advice on its implementation. Developed collaboratively