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Information, training and networking events play a central role in the work of open access. For this reason, a concept for the planning and implementation of open access events was created in the context of the BMBF project It bundles experiences from numerous events implemented within the project, such as workshops, barcamps, train the trainer workshops, staff weeks and online talks. The topics it covers include aspects of open access content as well as didactic methods for conveying the content and assistance in organizing various formats.

Using the concept in practice

Based on the event concept, you can plan your own open access events. Due to the modular structure, the content and the practical/methodical implementation can be chosen according to the event format. The requirements for the organization of the events can also be put together from various modules to suit the format. The target group is anyone who organizes Open Access events.


In the first part, various content modules on the topic of open access are presented, as well as implementation techniques and didactic methods that can be used in the events. In the second part, there is a characterization of the individual event formats that have been carried out in the project and are suitable for teaching open access as well as for community networking (workshops, barcamps, train the trainer workshops, staff weeks and online talks). This is followed in the third part with concrete organizational tables for planning online and face-to-face events. Finally, the fourth part presents best practice examples with experiences from the project events for different event formats.

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