Community driven open access journals between scientific and economic requirements

Up to now a large variety of different open access types have emerged, including journals that provide free access to all publications without charging publication fees. Compared with other OA types, the body of knowledge regarding those diamond OA journals is small. Two of their characteristics raise questions: Given that there is no programme for institutional funding in Germany, it is not clear how such journals financially sustain their operation. In addition, it is not known how these journals manage their operation without support from a publisher and who performs the tasks that are usually associated with them.

The objective of the project CODRIA is to analyse the performance, efficiency, and the mode of operation of Diamond OA journals. In particular, the project aims to answer the questions how significant these journals are for the German OA landscape, how costly a publication is within that model, and what leeway and restrictions are associated with it for the editors and editorial offices.

The overall objective is summarized in three research questions:

  • Does the performance of diamond OA journals differ from other OA journals?
  • What are the costs for the operation of diamond OA journals and what are the costs for an individual publication within that model?
  • How do the editors and editorial offices cope with different scientific, economic and organisational demands?

01.02.2021 - 31.01.2023

PD Dr. Niels Taubert
0521-106 4567 

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