Status and Perspectives of an Open Access Strategy for Germany

Open access is an integral component of the schol­arly communication and publication culture in Germany. However, there is still a considerable gap between aspiration and reality. Research funders and institutions aim at a complete transformation to open access, while the implementation progress is intermittent. Targeting the German research landscape, the project ‘Open4DE - Status and Perspectives of an Open Access Strategy for Germany’ therefore aims to survey the status quo of OA at different levels:

  • universities and colleges
  • research organizations
  • state level
  • national level
  • scientific perspective

Against the background of the opening up of science including its processes (Open Science), the topic of Open Access can also be contextualized and repositioned - as a step in the cycle of responsible and transparent scientific work and communication. The central research topic is the analysis of currently applied strategies and guidelines with the aim of making connections explicit as well as showing perspectives for further development. Taking into account international developments, recommendations for a national Open Access strategy and roadmap for Germany will also be drafted in close cooperation with the institutions and stakeholders already involved.

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