Sustainable open access publication services for monographs in the TU9 network

For years, there has been an intensive exchange of discussions and experiences about Open Access within the TU9. However, the actual range of open access publication services offered by the individual libraries varies greatly: repositories exist at all locations, but they can only meet researchers' needs for modern open access monograph production to a limited extent. Alternative publication infrastructures beyond the existing repository infrastructure - in the form of publishing services - are only operated at KIT and TU Berlin.

At the end of the project, each TU9 library will be in a position to promote open access books on its own campus without any major further investment: using its own publishing service, via an expansion of the already existing repository services, or through a co-publishing partnership with Ubiquity Press. Each institute can determine their choice implementation based on individual requirements.

To achieve our goals, book projects with different objectives will be realized at the KIT Library and the UB Stuttgart in a co-publishing model with Ubiquity Press. These projects will serve as archetypes for the other TU9 libraries. The analysis of the services of Ubiquity Press enables the development of a service portfolio construction kit for the open access publication of monographs, whose components can be used flexibly.

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