Transformative Open Access Aspects

transcript will publish three complementary title collections of its programme in Open Access, flanked by ongoing evaluations, modelling and an exchange with the relevant communities, in order to sustainably inspire the Open Access transformation in the humanities. The project comprises the following modules:

I. Open Discipline: Open Library Media Studies

The publisher is significantly broadening its Open Access collection in media studies and, in order to be able to open up the programme area sustainably in the future, transcript will also work to establish a supra-regional library consortium. The measure aims to pave the way for other open libraries as well.

II. Best Performers: Evidence-Based Open Access Publishing

In the second module, titles with excellent chances of reception will be published in Open Access. The access and download figures should demonstrate the enormous potential of the Open Access model, increase its attractiveness, and establish it as a means of choice even for titles where there has been a strong reliance on print and trade to date.

III. Pilot Project: Open Access Textbooks

In the third module, the publisher, as a shareholder of UTB, explores the specifics of Open Access textbooks. A collection of six textbooks from various disciplines will be realized in Open Access, evaluated, and presented for discussion in the UTB context, in order to build a foundation for the development of viable Open Access solutions for textbooks.

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