Scholar-led Plus

Scholar-led Plus: Tailored support for scholar-led publishing

The aim of the project is to improve the publication situation of scholar-led, open-access gold journals and blogs through a community network. These journals and blogs face particular challenges while established systems of funding and support often do not take effect here. As an integral part of the publishing ecosystem, the visibility and recognition of these journals and blogs needs to be improved.

The project understands scholar-led publishing as a complex management process for which existing expertise and technical solutions must be bundled and coordinated. The renewed commercialization of publishing necessitates a sustainable, innovative network that provides low-threshold, direct advice, exchange and networking opportunities.

The network, called KAMBIUM, will be developed in two project phases and in close collaboration with stakeholders of scholar-led publishing. Both project phases will be accompanied by qualitative research to provide recommendations for the further development of scholar-led publishing.

In the first, exploratory phase of the project (concept stage), the literature on business and support models will be reviewed and the needs of journals and funders will be assessed with surveys and workshops.

In the second project phase (implementation stage), workshops will be held to develop publication manuals on specific topics and to establish a network of experts.

April 2021 –  July 2023

Marcel Wrzesinski (Project lead)
Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

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