Open Source Academic Publishing Suite

OS-APS is a collaboration between SciFlow in Berlin, the Friedrich-Alexander University Er­langen-Nürnberg and the Martin Luther Uni­versity Halle-Wittenberg.

The goal of this project is to enable small pub­lishers to publish media-neutrally while relying on open source components, either because of an in-house open science strategy or becau­se of limited human and financial resources that prevent these publishers from investing in cost-intensive content management systems or labour-intensive XML tagging. For this purpose, an open source software with which formats such as PDF, EPUB or HTML can be published media-neutrally in an easy and cost-efficient way is being developed.

With OS-APS, manuscript formats can be imported and subsequently transformed into a semantic HTML format, which makes tagging the manuscript in XML with a content management system unnecessary. Via a simple user interface, corrections can be conducted and further metadata can be added. Furthermore, it is possible to use existing templates or create own templates with a Template Development Kit, so that the export formats that are ultimately created are issued in the corporate design of the publisher.

OS-APS is supposed to become an integral part of the publishing-relevant open source software landscape. Therefore, intersections with publishing-relevant tools (i.e. OJS, OMP) and repository software are created in the scope of the project.

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