Strengthening the Open Access publishing system through open citations and spatiotemporal metadata

The OPTIMETA project is dedicated to streng­then­ing the open access (OA) publishing sys­tem by integrating open citations and spatio­temporal metadata from OA journals into openly accessible data sources.
The technical implementation of the project takes place in two OJS plugins (geoplugin and citation plugin). With these, authors and editors can create or extract the geographic and citation data during the publication process of an article and transfer it to open, freely licensed data sources, such as Wikidata, when the article is published. In order to be able to implement the plug-ins in a user-centered manner, the development is based on a needs analysis in which the requirements for the plug-ins are formulated together with editors or operators of OA journals on the one hand and researchers on the other.
Overall, OPTIMETA contributes to open research information and ensures better discoverability and thus visibility of OA publications. This in turn improves the attractiveness of OA journals as publication venues.

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