Open Access Transformation by Cooperation 

Establishing a joint workflow between the publisher and the library for the production of OA texts and designing an economically viable business model for the publisher to finance the expenses.

Subproject ULB (library service)
Establishment of a suitable digital infrastructure for indexing, long-term archiving and dissemination of wbg products.

Subproject Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft
Development of a sustainable business model and workflow based on XML for the financing and production of digital publications.

The ULB Darmstadt is collaborating with the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft (wbg) to develop a generally reusable workflow based on XML/TEI. It is intended for the simple, low-cost preparation of both new manuscripts submitted digitally as well as older existing electronic or analogue works for open access publication.

To this end, existing open-source tools will be developed further and, where necessary, modified or re-programmed. The technical objective is to produce an easy-to-use software package which enables even small publishers to create Open Access publications while placing only minimal demands on infrastructure.

The wbg is putting together a viable business model which shifts the focus from conventional print publishing to quality assurance and editing. On the basis of processing fees, it will be possible for authors to produce easily reusable OA publications while at the same time minimising costs. Optional packages will allow the creation of publications to be adapted to the wishes and circumstances of the contributors.
A combination of low costs paired with continuing high publication standards is intended to boost acceptance of OA publishing

02.2021 – 01.2023

Dario Kampkaspar
(06151) 16-76292
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