Enabling discipline-oriented and sustainable Open Access

For the comprehensive open access trans­for­mation in the human­ities and social sciences, funding is needed that is not dependent the location of the university, but is oriented to­wards the authors and editors in their respec­tive disciplines and their specific publication needs.

The OAdine project aims to create the long-term infrastructure for sustainable community-based funding of OA publications, in which author contributions will no longer be required in the future.

Project goals:

  • We are transforming two quality-assured publication series permanently. Large parts of the backlist (2005 to 2015) will also be transformed to Open Access.
  • We will create an infrastructure for the permanent financing of OA publications, which will eliminate the author contributions currently required at the same time.
  • We are developing a concept for the financing of book series that will serve as a best-practice example and will also be transferable to other publication series. In this way, we ensure the financing of OA publications in the long term by distributing it across several stakeholders who have their own (discipline-oriented) interest in the content.
  • In interviews and a workshop, we sensitise stakeholders from the respective disciplines to the issue of funding OA books. In addition, we specifically approach potential funders and would like to win them over as future funders.
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