Development of a tool with an open interface for the enrichment and management of metadata of OA books

The driver behind this project was the realization that publishers have been looking into additional outlets and platforms to represent, promote, or sell their print and e-publications portfolio, while librarians and service providers are making great advances to overhaul their (e-)catalogues and databases. However, discoverability of (OA) books still tends to be much lower because of missing available metadata or due to missing portability and interoperability—often hindering uptake in library catalogues and search portals or databases. So, much of the book and monograph output could still do with a boost in data richness for better visibility or simplified communication between various the systems and platforms.

Thus, ScienceOpen proposed a metadata hub with a free interface to create, maintain or enrich (also in view of format specifics), and export available OA book metadata that allows publishers to create rich, interoperable metadata readily integrable with persistent IDs and transferable between systems to connect to the infrastructure of the scholarly publishing landscape to increase visibility, discoverability, and distribution of OA metadata for books and monographs—all openly licensed and easily accessible, in compliance with common standards and best practices.

03.2021 – 03.2023

Nina Tscheke
Content Integration Manager
Project Manager (BMBF) – OA Meta
ScienceOpen GmbH
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